Alibaba exposes Nollywood actresses; Reveals how they make their money!

Alibaba, a well-known comedian, tells the story of meeting a certain Nollywood actress in Dubai and interrogating her about her fortune.
The stand-up comedian criticized an actress in a viral video for professing to be a businesswoman while being funded anonymously.
How many of your movies earned you 45 million, allowing you to purchase a home? You who recently entered the sector. People who have worked in the field haven’t bought, he said.
As he described his time in Dubai, Alibaba praised other actresses who had amassed fortune legally through various enterprises.
“I might be tempted to name names, but I will resist. When we visited Dubai, we once observed this actress and a certain procedure of a guy while we were waiting. She goes upstairs after he later arrives and offers her a key. After a few days, I notice her posting. You’ll come here and put the ones who conduct business—whom we know—on high jump.
“How many movies do you make in a year, even if they give you $5 million per film? We are aware of those who conduct business by leveraging their standing and reputation. You’ll now come and tell me you raised 125 million to purchase a house in Lekki Phase One, the comedian mockingly said, “but the ones we know cannot even act in an English movie; it needs to be ‘kilo so pe’ that kind of movie.
“The moment they start discussing people, you’ll be asking, ‘What is wrong with this man?’ He said, “He can put his item inside his pant.


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