Advise To Cameroon On The Banning Of Nigerian Music (Video)


Why so pained Cameroonians, Last week a Cameroonian comedian and musician named cy internationals made a stir online which he stated that Cameroonians DJ should stop playing Nigerian music and it was backed up by one of Cameroon’s Popular musician Stanley Enow stopping a DJ for a while and advising him not to play Nigerian music.

Well Internationally Nigerian artists are more recognized and have more collaborations with American artists. It’s not our fault that our music sound better.

On a world stage, American artists are far more recognized but you don’t hear Canadian or British artist warning their citizens not to play American music or not invite Americans to come to perform in their country.

It’s good to protect one’s territory, but what is the quality of vibes from Cameroonian shores, is it globally accepted like ours from Nigeria. I mean, Burna, Wizkid, and Davido do shows in Europe and America with the bursting crowds, do I even need to tell you how many American artists come to Nigeria on tour and they pull mammoth crowds, does that mean they are stealing Nigerian fans from Nigerian artists?

The only thing I have heard from this Cameroonian guy is that Nigerian artists are letting Cameroonian artists die from hunger, and whose fault is that? Rather than dragging Nigerian artists down, why not up to your game?

Mentality like this is why Africa will never progress. Rather than ask questions and learn from each other you prefer to assassinate the other person character

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