90% of our people In The North are not on social media – PDP presidential candidate, Atiku Abubakar

Atiku Abubakar (the presidential candidate of Peoples Democratic Party) has rejected the possibility that Peter Obi (the Labour Party’s presidential candidate), would win the 2023 presidential elections

He stated that the Labour Party has done most of its campaigns on social media. According to him, 90% North residents aren’t on social media so they won’t be voting on the basis of any influence from it

This was stated by Atiku in an interview with Arise TV on July 22, 22.

According to the PDP presidential candidate, the LP would not split the votes intended for the PDP like some people suggested. He questioned Osun’s performance in the recent governorship election. He stated that the party doesn’t have governors, members or the national assembly, nor state assemblies.


“I don’t think the Labour Party will get as many votes as the PDP, as some people suggest. It was possible to see it at the Osun State election. How has the Labour Party performed?

He said, “This is a party without a governor, members of the national assembly and members of the state assembly. Politics in this country depend on the structures at the different levels — at local government level and state level and at national level.”


Further, the ex-Vice President stated that 90 percent of northerners aren’t on social media. This implies that the LP will have a lower chance of winning the 2023 presidential elections.


“It is extremely difficult to expect miracles to happen simply because Peter Obi is part of the Labour Party. They were claiming that they had more Osun State votes than they actually had through social media.

How many Labour Party votes were turned? You’re talking about social networks, not the Labour Party. He said that 90 percent of people in the north aren’t on social media.


Watch a clip from his interview below…




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