6 Ways to be an Effective Employee While on Vacation


You have been working for months but out of the blues your boss calls you to go for a vacation, you have been craving for forever. However, there is the condition that you must not shelve your responsibilities even if you are on vacation. If you are in a dilemma because you love your job but want a work-free vacation to Tinapa Resort in Calabar, not to worry, you can still be a sterling employee even if you resolve to take the much-needed break by following these tips shared by US

Set up an out-of-office message

The first thing you should do is let everyone know that you are out-of-the-office, especially your customers and clients. Doing this will alert as well as ensure that your client should not expect an instant response to their message. However, ensure that you don’t ignore the mail for so long or else your boss will be on your neck.

Have a plan in place

This is only possible if you have a good work relationship with your colleagues. This will make you more relaxed when you are leaving for your vacation because you can easily call them to complete a task for you on your behalf. In fact, you can tell them about what work needs to be completed when you eventually take a leave of absence. Both of you should work in tandem!

Give co-workers your emergency number

This is the most important thing you must do. You may not necessarily inform them about where you are going but you must drop an emergency number which they can use to contact you. Hence, your phone must always be available especially if you are a senior-level employee.

Get everything done before you leave

The fact that you are going on vacation doesn’t mean you should immediately ‘disappear’ for your trip. You must complete the leftover responsibilities before you leave. Of course, you know that if you do not do it now, you must do it later. So, don’t procrastinate! Get everything done if you really want to enjoy your vacation.

Think about what you want to do when you return

Many employees do not look forward to thinking about what they want to do when they return to work. A combination of the stress, the Lagos traffic and the need for you to meet your Key Performance Indicators (KPI) freaks some people out, especially with Mondays. To make you blend in like you never went on vacation, you should think about what you want to accomplish when you return. Hence, do not get carried away by your vacation and forget everything about work!

Enjoy your holiday

There is no excuse for you not to enjoy your holiday even if you are working remotely. The whole point of taking a break from work is to unwind and rejuvenate yourself. This is the best for you, as you will return to your desk happier and more productive.

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