6 Tips for Creating a Unique Web Design


6 Tips for Creating a Unique Web Design


Website design is not only just creating a layout and color scheme to build a website but also it can help in all aspects of the website. From how audiences traverse it, to perceiving your brand, to keeping your leads on your site.


A good web design helps your audiences to linger on your site and read up on your business. When a person approaches your page, you have very less time to draw their attention by showing your updated and reputable web design which contains a captivating layout, exclusive information and high conducting content. Few basic yet important things to keep in mind while creating or optimizing a web design are to mention the purpose of the company, make the navigation process easier so that the visitor can go easily to the blog if needed, make the format of pricing easily understandable, and keep the bounce rate low.


One more thing will be some impressive content for your well-designed blog pages which you can make taking up some time. Most of the time these blog pages remain unchecked due to poor design, navigation flaws and unnecessary information.


A whole redesign could have been a good option however in some cases it’ll be difficult to make. Whole redesigns are time-consuming and expensive as well which concludes that you have to spend extra money in the process and also stop the progress of your website for the likely future. Lounge Lizard, a web design and developing company; Check it out for the best web design company and more.


Even though redesigning can not help much, there are still other ways for you to improve your website design. Here are 6 tips to ensure that you can create a unique website design to grow your site and give your business an entitlement. We’ve mentioned all the important topics from color scheme to responsive design so that you can understand all the process and their purposes clearly to create a standout web design and to assure a visitor’s good impression in no time.


1.Use White Space :

Nowadays white space has become trendy since website designers have started to

experiment with it in making design. It advances to break up the page, keep the design simple in the foreground to make it look empty and highlights the significance of minimalism inside. It also helps in the layout process and placing the website


elements. Vidyard has played with the white space in their website design to separate the sections indulgently, so they can fit perfectly within the region of the display screen without excessive crowding in any sections.

2.Use Images Properly :

People all over the Internet are getting more expert at assessing websites before making their mind whether to carry on with scrolling. When a person first arrives at your page, they can already recognise generic stock images they’ve spotted somewhere else. Using stock images can break apart the trust aspect of your visitors and make your brand uninventive. Being more conscious of your images helps you better entitlement for your brand to be perceived by customers.


Always use original images and try to choose good realistic stock photos on your site to save your time of producing your own imagery. Bring forth a visual break that is relevant for viewers from the text. You’ll also find other websites that showcase the same imagery. Razorfish , Deloitte Digital; Check it out for best web designs and how they used quality stock photos.


3. Improve Navigation Interface :

When creating your website, it’s essential to display the major places users can stop by. It’s how visitors can easily stick and explore deeper into your service pages, blog etc. For that a site with an easy, and organised navigation interface is necessary. As a result, your visitors are more likely to land higher numbers of pages to spend their time more on your website. Take Freshworks’s navigation interface for instance, which contains the most important elements you’d likely want to visit on their website.


4. Keep It Mobile-friendly :

One of the major website improvement ideas is that you take the time to make your marketing website for every mobile device effective. Out of 80% of all the internet users who own a smartphone, 45% will not visit a poorly made website again if they have a bad experience. Additionally, to simplify the process, the button required for the task should be always visible on the mobile website as well, allowing you to place an order without navigating to a different page. Take a look at some of your marketing mobile competitors to see how they’ve built easy smartphone experiences for their visitors.


5. Compose amazing CTA:

Full-page header design is nowadays one of the most stunning web design trends. The most common set up contains the key text or CTA buttons on the left of the header with aesthetic pictures on the right to make the users easily concentrate on the top-left of a page.


6. Fix 404 pages :

One of the main web design tips would be to constantly detect any 404 pages on your marketing website by using Google Search Center tools and crawl for detecting any website errors. You can also ensure that when a user faces a 404 page, they will automatically return to the previous page.


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