6 Things you Should Never do at a Concert


6 Things you Should Never do at a Concert

6 Things you Should Never do at a Concert

Concerts are frequented by different personalities and although you expect to enjoy every moment of there, especially if your favourite band or artist is performing, there are some things which people do that may ruin their visit as well as those of others during a live performance.

If you want to truly enjoy a concert without upsetting the person next to you, we  share some tips on the things to avoid doing.

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Taking incessant Pictures

There is nothing wrong with taking pictures to post on social media. You can take pictures at reasonable intervals. However, when your pictures disturb other people present at the concert, you should know you have gone over-bounds.

Yelling at the artist or the band

Many people are star struck when they see their artist performing live. They tend to get carried away that they become hysterical that they shout and cheer at the top of their voice. By, all means control your emotions.

Shoving to the front

Wherever you find yourself, stay put and get comfortable especially if there’s a large crowd close to the stage. Wherever you decide to stay, you should stand directly in such a way that people behind can still see through without your hair or big hat blocking the view.

Being the only one doing what you are doing

During a concert, you are expected to simply do things at the appropriate time so that you will not experience any awkward moment. So, when you are the only one dancing or singing, it may be embarrassing for you.

Getting drunk

Most concerts are usually crowded depending on the one you attend. If you go to the one that is overflowing with people, there is every tendency for you to get carried away, and drink until you get drunk. This is not good for you especially when you have to drive back home.

Making out

Concerts can be the most fun events where you can do everything and anything enjoying each other’s company. It should end there. Do not take the making out beyond holding hands.

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