6 Things Men Shouldn’t Wear On a First Date

6 Things Men Shouldn’t Wear On a First Date
6 Things Men Shouldn’t Wear On a First Date

Here are 6 things no guy should wear on a first date.

1. Slogan T-Shirts

These are a no-no in the majority of situations; whatever you do don’t even think about sporting one on your first date. If you do decide to wear a T-shirt, whether it’s layered under a shirt or on it’s own, stick to block colours with minimal to no logos. Oh, and make sure it’s ironed and fits properly, too.

2. A Bowtie

Do we even need to explain this one? Really, unless you’re an eccentric university professor or happen to be heading to a movie premiere, we’d strongly advise you leave the bowtie in the drawer. If you really want to wear something around your neck, stick to a knitted tie instead.



3. A Baseball Cap

These are fine if you’re heading to game and want to show support for your team, but if you’re going on a date make sure they’re nowhere to be seen. Get a sharp haircut a couple of days beforehand and go easy on the styling products; you want to look like you’ve made an effort but not tried too hard.Beyonce-and-Jay-Z (1)


4. Anything Sports Related

Unless you happen to be on the field playing sport, avoid donning anything sports related: jerseys, warm-up jackets, hoodies etc. If your date involves some kind of physical activity you can still look stylish in suitable attire without having to remind the other person which team you support. Think along the lines of slim fit polo shirts and tailored shorts.

5. Bootcut Jeans

Come on, what year are we in? If you still own a pair of bootcut jeans in 2015 then you seriously need to donate them to the nearest charity shop, ASAP. When it comes to denim and dates you can’t go wrong with a pair of straight or slim fit dark indigo jeans.


6. Cargo shorts

Whoever invented these needs a serious talking to. If you’re going to wear shorts make sure they’re the tailored type that sit on or just above the knee. Any longer and they verge on ¾ lengths, which are never, and any shorter and you’re nearing hot pant territory, which we’d suggest you leave to her.


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