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6 Steps To Hotter Better Sex

Written by iwonpopular


The Back of The Neck

Kiss and nibble on her shoulders and upper back. If her body language calls for more, go ahead and nip—but avoid leaving marks. When you’ve been back there for a second or two, inhale as though you’re “breathing her in.”

The Lower Back

The indentation of her lower back— just above her butt crack—is an extremely personal area. If she likes you, touching this spot creates an immediate connection. Beware, however: If she doesn’t like you, it can be excruciatingly annoying.

The Thighs

Stroking the inside upper portion of the thighs can be a huge turn-on. You’ll have to find out through trial and error whether she likes a light touch or something a little rougher like a pinch or a slap. Pay attention and gauge her reaction (or simply ask).

The Ear

You don’t want to stick your tongue right up her ear canal. And nix the earlobe nibble—that spot is typically obstructed by a (potentially expensive) piece of jewelry. Instead, when you’re holding her firmly, whisper softly in her ear. The contrast will drive her crazy.

The Breasts

Breast-play is at an all-time low. It’s time to bring it back. We’re not talking about motorboating, either. Kiss and caress, focusing more on the upward portion of the motion than the downward stroke. No, her other breast won’t get jealous if it doesn’t get equal time.

The Butt

Contrary to rumors, not all women enjoy anal intercourse. However, knowing your goal is arousal rather than penetration should help her relax enough to let her enjoy some touching in the area. Consider the “card swipe” maneuver during a sensual massage.

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