6 Major Things Nigerian Ladies Will Always Lie About



It has come to our notice that men want the women in their lives to be true to them and open up. We understand that this would help the relationship a great deal as couples could always move on from that point and lay a solid foundation.

But in reality, how many men can deal with the truth? How many men are willing to see the revelations as things of the past and move on from there? We all have secrets we do not want to tell anyone. We have things eating us up but cannot afford to air to the world.

While lying may not be good at times, it helps to save us from compromising situations. Although perfection is an unattainable feat to mortals, every woman still wants to strike her man as the ideal and perfect partner, not some twisted and messed up lady.



Some Nigerian ladies may have their excesses when it comes to love and lies. No matter how much you probe them, you may never hear the real version of the story. While men may be able to come out and brag about their escapades with women, ladies do not have the right to do the same as the society is sentimental about the things women should or should not do.

It is a pity the men would be disappointed again as it is totally up to a woman to decide what part of her life history she is willing to tell the world. Find below some of the things Nigerian ladies would always lie about:

1. Age

things Nigerian ladies would always lie about

Depending on the situation on ground, you may never be able to ascertain the real age of a Nigerian lady. Although, it is weird seeing people act up when they are being asked about their ages. Some even get offended the moment the question is being asked. Some men also get defensive when they are being asked about their ages.

2. The number of men they have slept with

things Nigerian ladies would always lie about

Dear men, please stop asking women about this part of their lives. You will never be able to know the truth as you would keep getting polished lies. The standard for the number of men most Nigerian ladies would say they have slept with is two; you would be the third man. You can be sure the revelation would be backed with some pathetic story.

If you were told twenty, would you be interested in having a serious affair with her? There is the likelihood that you would want to mark register and leave too.

3. Abortion

things Nigerian ladies would always lie about

Except you were the one that got her pregnant those times, a lady would never tell you if she had ever had an abortion. Abortion still remains a vague term as long as Nigerian ladies are concerned. They would always feign ignorance when it comes to this as they do not want to be seen as irresponsible.

4. Their ability to cook

things Nigerian ladies would always lie about

Nigerian ladies know that there are certain things a man expects them to know how to do; cooking is one of those things. Thus, some of these ladies would brag on and on about their ability to cook and make decent meals. If the relationship works out at the end of the day, the man would be so disappointed in her.

That could be the beginning of the fall of that marriage. It is useless lying when it comes to issues like this, you could always learn and laugh about the mistakes you make.

5. Lying about being indifferent when it comes to his money

things Nigerian ladies would always lie about

Ladies would always find one thing or the other to say; they most times lay emphasis on liking a man but not because of his money. If I hear! Money is important in relationships; the men know fully that the moment they become completely broke, they stop being the head in that relationship.

Yes, money matters. Stop acting like you are indifferent about it when in truth you want to spend as much as you can.

6. Lying about a man’s S3@.Xx:’ual performance

things Nigerian ladies would always lie about

Many ladies do not always give their unbiased opinion when it comes to an issue like this. Men are egoistic in nature and would always ask women about their performance in bed. No matter how bad the S3@.Xx:’ was, you can be sure a lady would never tell the man about his woeful performance.

While lying in this case may not be good, ladies should learn to tell the men what they feel really. This would help them improve and make the next experience a better one.

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