6 Free Apps for Windows 10


6 Free Apps for Windows 10

6 Free Apps for Windows 10

Let’s face it, very few operating systems can compete with Windows Operating System. This is due to its   total dominance of the windows market  as well as the regular introduction of improved versions of Windows. Even AMD and Ubuntu are struggling to catch up with Microsoft. Since Windows 10 is the latest version, there are apps that you can download that works perfectly with Windows 10  just like the apps on your smartphone. we share 6 free apps for Windows 10.


There is no need to visit Chrome browser or Microsoft Edge to check your Facebook status. You can download the Windows 10 Facebook app for your PC to connect with friends and update your status.


For the Netflix enthusiast, you can enjoy the movies you subscribe to using the Netflix app which is compatible with Windows 10 app. You will watch as many movies as you watch just like when you using your browser or mobile.

Adobe Photoshop Express 

As long as you are online, you can download any of the apps on your Windows Operating System. There is also an app for editing photos which you can also download.


Just like Netflix, Hulu is another online streaming platform that has an app for Windows 10. You can watch as many movies as you desire.


Amazon is one of the biggest e-commerce company in the world. You can buy and make purchases at your discretion. You can now do all this on Amazon.


Dropbox is a cloud storage website that is also available for use on Windows 10. You can even sync Dropbox so that you can easily access it on all your devices.

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