6 Fascinating Ways to Digitally Detox


6 Fascinating Ways to Digitally Detox

6 Fascinating Ways to Digitally Detox

You probably know that you are addicted to your smartphone when you check it every five minutes. If you hug your phone while sleeping, you addicted your phone. To complement this fact, a recent poll by Gallup poll discovered that 52% of smartphone owners check it a few times an hour, young women are least able to imagine life without their smartphone. iPhone users more bonded to their phone than android users and four in 10 people with  a smartphone would be anxious if they lost it for a day. It will be a wonderful idea to at least take a break from the instant messages, rings, and vibration as we  shares 6 fascinating ways you can digitally detox.

Leave your phone at home

If you are going for a romantic date or on a day out with friends, you should leave your phone at home so that you can enjoy your date without any distraction. With your phone in your hands, you may end up concentrating more on your phone than your date.

Fix a time to switch off

For most people, this is impossible. However, if you are serious about digitally detoxifying, you should fix a time to switch your phone. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you should switch off your phone during peak periods but putting it off at nights is a great idea.

Make your bedroom a gadget-free zone

The first thing that some tech geeks do when they open their eyes is to check their phone. One way to stop this is to remove all gadgets especially your smartphone from your room. This will make it possible for you to sleep early and soundly.

Set your emails to out of office

Every second you check your email whether you are in the office or not. This will make your email part of you such that you do not feel complete if you do not log into your email. To reduce this attachment, you should set your emails to ‘out of office’. This way, the person sending the mail wouldn’t expect an immediate response from you except you are in the office.

Tell your friends of your whereabout

Switching off or leaving your phone at home could get your colleagues and friends worried. In other  to prevent this from happening, the best you can do is to inform them of your whereabouts. Don’t just switch off or leave your phone at home all in the name of digitally detoxifying.

Reduce idle web surfing

It is normal for you to browse the web during your free time. But if  browsing the web becomes what you use to pass time, especially when you are idle, you should be concerned. Rather than browsing the web, you can sleep, read a book or even go hang out with your friends.

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