6 crazy things that only happens in Nigerian football

Nigeria is a football crazy country. Whenever the Super eagles is playing in any of its fortresses in Lagos, Abuja, Kano or Port Harcourt, the stadium is always filled out. The fans are vociferous, the media coverage is massive while the anticipation is over the roof. Despite this, there some hilarious but crazy things that happen in Nigerian football. we share  some of these things.

Nigerian fans booing their team

Playing poorly in a match will earn the players boos from their fans. In fact, the fans will start supporting the opposing team. This usually happens when the Nigerian team is losing. Ironic? Unknown to these fans, they are ‘killing’ the morale of the players. Showing support for your team whether they are winning or not is the hallmark of true fans.

Non-payment of salaries

The non-payment of salaries is a serious problem Nigeria football has grappled with from time immemorial. Successive administrators of The Nigerian Football Federation (NFF) have made it their mission to owe local coaches. Perhaps, all the gaffers who have led the various national teams are still being owed one way or the other. Meanwhile, when the NFF employ a foreign coach, he gets his salary and bonuses as at when due. But why do they treat Nigerian coaches this way?

Preference for the Premier league 

Have you heard of Mountain of Fire Ministry (MFM) football club? Do you know they are in the Nigeria Premier Football league (NPFL) and they play stylish football? Many Nigerians do not know this. But if you ask these fans, who is topping the English Premier league, the response is spontaneous. The NPFL season is on. You can watch MFM FC at the Agege stadium or Ikorodu United at the Onikan Stadium. Good football will be on display.


Coaching without contract

How can the NFF pay a coach that does not have a contract? This is prevalent across various industries in Nigeria. The NFF will put a call through to a coach, request him to start a job, and because the coach is desperate for a job, he willfully accept the job without a contract. Consequently, when he is sacked by the NFF, he does not get any compensation. The NFF can even wake up one morning and relieve him of his job!

170 million coaches

Nigerian has a population of 170 million. All of this 170 million people can analyze football. Hence, if you are the coach of Nigeria, you have 170 million individuals coaching with you. You must have a thick skin to survive their onslaught because they are opinionated and believe their tactics can win Nigeria the World cup!

Beg players to play for the country

Adorning the green white green of Nigeria should be the dream of Nigerian players. They are excited when playing age grade competitions. But immediately they join a club in Europe, it is a 360 change. Their attitude to the invitation  is lackadaisical. Patriotism should be their mantra.


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