6 Blogging killing Myths [ Expert tales ]


Everyone was blinder by blogging lies, tales told by some experts.
Some bloggers discover those tales are total myths. While others, till now still haven’t figure out the myths in blogging.
Am going to list out 6 blogging killing myths that keeps striking back to us. [Experts tales]
1: Avoid Longer posts [it’s kills a blog]
This mainly catch lot of bloggers attention. Have once been a victim of this myth. They will tell always write a shorter post of 300/500 words if you ask why? there reply would be“Shorter post gets more attention [SEO] and it’s easy read” They made us believe longer posts are total waste of time and gets bad SEO… Which i will say that’s a myth [100%] The truth is no one cares how long or short your article is. What your audiences really want is a good and impressive article. A well written article max 300/500 word can get you bigger audience. Same as longer words of 1000/2000 or more. I see no different in that If you a victim of this myth zap that off your mind.
2: Blogging is easy
Some say blogging easy hmm. Creating an article easy? Doing research easy? if you say YES to this questions then I believe you the La’Copy La’Paste bloggers. That’s what you get from some bloggers saying blogging is easy. Truth be told you can’t create a popular blog overnight, you need to spend time producing quality content on a consistent basis. As for me creating a posts can take me a hours, days that’s when I need a break. You spend time working to drive quality traffic back to your site, Building your self and your blog socially, interacting with fellow bloggers, and getting patience. And you still believe blogging is easy? Well If yes is still your answer or some blogger keep telling you “BLOGGING IS EASY” then you two need to sit down and tell each other the truth. ”BLOGGING AREN’T EASY” Zap that myth of your mind.
This mainly is is the reason why most people want to blog. They probably heard a blogger proudly discuss about his/her earnings with given prove and a little explanation. The next thing that comes to there thought is “6 FIGURE INCOME HERE I COME” If you think blogging is a rich quick way. Sorry you going to bounce off like a ball. It doesn’t
work that way it takes time and effort.
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4: You Have to Post Every Day
Everyone have heard this before like they say posting daily gives you reoccurring traffic. Woops I don’t believe that. except, you run an entertainment/gossip blog. Also blogging on entertainment doesn’t guarantee massive returns of traffic. So much competition 95% involve in what I call La’Copy La’Paste *It’s takes times to be really creative when creating a hit post. Pardon me for using entertainment blog. I use that as an example cause of it require daily posting. Have heard bloggers taking a break of blogging for weeks,months and they still gets good traffic. It’s not all about the daily posting, it’s the magic in your article.
5: You need Huge traffic to be successful.
You need HUGE traffic to be successful. I say no to this and you might argue with me on this one. This tale comes from some bloggers and there are never specific when it comes to this part. They forgot to tell that not all blog with HUGE traffic are successful.. Yes some don’t Monetize that HUGE traffic to $$$ I had a discussion with a blogger once. The blogger complained that he’s not able to generate big buck with AdSense and
affiliate even with quality flow of traffic. Long story short we discover a solution and fix the problem.You might have heard of bloggerswith little traffic getting sales on affiliate marketing, personal service, eBook creation, writing, click bank. It’s not all about the traffic but the relationship and trust you have in between you and your audience/customers… So stick to this “TRUST, GOOD RELATIONSHIP, QUALITY COMMUNICATION AND SINCERITY“. That’s what you need to stand unique, if you keep having that myth in mind it’s a no going way for you.
6: Quit you got no talent for blogging
The mainly pressurize most bloggers. They keep telling you to quit blogging cause they believe you got no talent in blogging i wouldn’t, say blogging is a talent cause no one was born with it. It’s simply a skill not a talent, gift. There’s once a time when pro bloggers where amateurs and now pro. So next time you get such intimidating words tell the person to differentiate between talent and acquired skills.
This 6 are the ones I can write for now it will be updated soon


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