6 Best Flying Tips for Pregnant Business Women


6 Best Flying Tips for Pregnant  Business Women

6 Best Flying Tips for Pregnant Business Women

Being pregnant and flying at the same time can be a humongous challenge especially for business women. Combine your pregnancy and the daily stress of running a business, and there is every possibility to feel woozy and tired especially on a long haul flight. However, you can still enjoy your time in the air whether to Tinapa in Calabar or to Dubai in the Middle East, that is if you follow these tips rolled out by us

Do a bit of research on the airline

Only a few airlines, if any, will espouse women giving birth during a flight. Even if it happens, it will be out of goodwill for the airline to attend to the women. This makes it essential for pregnant women to do a research before selecting a particular airline. Of most airlines, will not allow pregnant women to fly while for others, you need to present a doctor’s report before they are allowed on board. It will be a horrible experience if you are prevented from flying because you are pregnant.

A backpack for pregnancy related items

Packing for women deservedly takes time because of the special items they have to pack. An important tip for a pregnant woman is to pack pregnancy related items in a separate bag for easy access in case of any emergency. Items such as vitamins, extra underwear, healthy snacks, and prenatal pills among others.

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See a doctor anytime you fly

Seeing a doctor will go a long way in ensuring that you are healthy whenever you travel. It will help you maneuver any risk associated with flying and being pregnant. The doctor will also inform you about dos and don’ts of  flying while pregnant.

Keep your body hydrated

For every pregnant woman, it is important to keep your body hydrated which means you have to drink as much water possible. In addition, you should take regular breaks to avoid blood clots because you are sitting for too long.

Schedule your flight properly

The only time you should probably suspend your flights is before 37 weeks or if carrying twins before 32 weeks. The risk of flying around the aforementioned is quite risky as you could go into labour at any point in time. It will be distasteful if you go into labour on a long haul flight. This is definitely another reason you should see a doctor.

Relax and enjoy the flight

Having flight phobia and being pregnant is not good for the health of any woman. If you feel inundated, your body will be greatly affected. Just relax and enjoy the flight.

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