5ive Things to Learn from Nigeria’s Super Producer Don Jazzy


1. How To Master the Art

If you want to build a great music career, you’re going to have to be exceptionally good at something. This is going to require hundreds of hours of practice, unwavering focus and a firm belief in yourself and your abilities.
You’re also going to have to invest in yourself to get the training and skills you need.
You think Don Baba J became a super producer with tons of awards and hit songs over night?
Think again.

2. How To Become a Marketer

Many artistes would rather focus on music and leave the business aspects of the business to labels or managers. If you’re going to succeed, you will have to be one of the few artistes who take business seriously. You’re going to have to understand marketing principles, brand value and how the industry works and rewards work.
You will have to learn how to build a strong brand and sell it.

3. How To Build an online community

You can’t buy an online community. It’s something you build. Sure you can pay for followers, or to trend, or whatever, but when i comes to real value, those numbers on your profile will be meaningless.
Building a strong, devoted community online requires work, time and creativity. You’re going to have to leave your comfort shell and invest your time into connecting with people online.
It’s the only way.

4. How To Garner Goodwill.

In an industry that runs on relationships, one of the most precious assets to have is goodwill. How do people feel about you? What are they saying about you? This all boils down to the question: How do you treat people?
It’s no joke, it takes only a short while for negative word of mouth to spread and you find yourself losing out on
deals, endorsements and performance gigs because people would rather not deal with you.
Always be kind, courteous and interesting.

5. How To Surround Yourself With Good People

It’s twice as hard to make it without a team of creative and driven people. They’ll help keep you focused. They’ll support and encourage you. They’ll challenge you to be better.
You’re only as good as the people you surround yourself with. Make sure the value is flowing both ways.

We hope you’ve learnt something valuable.

Please drop questions or comments below.

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Have a great day.



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