5 Ways To Catch A Typical Nigerian Babe


Take it from me these methods have worked before, but don’t come running back if a chic slaps you (may be you didn’t follow the instructions well). If you’re a guy wanting a relationship check yourself and see if you have any of these if you don’t time to up your game.

1) Make it big!

This means get yourself a career that pays you well. It doesn’t matter whether it’s in the corporate world or in the hustling world of the street, if you have the spending power you’re a hit with the girls.

2) Make a name for yourself

The girls wouldn’t turn down a chance to have a BF that’s admired and well known, it makes them feel lucky and every girl likes being lucky.

3) Dress right and tight

If you have an athletic physique and a fine face it won’t fly with most Naija girls if you dress like a hard core born again (no offence if you’re one) Your high class, fashionable dressing plus natural looks will sell you any day.

4) The Magic Word

Girls are sensitive to words and they’re often moved to act based on them and many Nigerian girls have theirs. For some it could be Cash, others compliments. If you say her smile is very cute in most cases she’ll be moved to think about you. Tell her you want to try out a game and need a partner. If she asks what’s the game tell her shopping. Once again the magic words in reverse order; shopping, cute smile, cash to name a few. There are many more be creative.

5) Make her to feel envied by her female folk

Most women want other women to envy them. Buy a Nigerian girl an expensive item other girls crave for just as a gift and nothing more (while you’re chyking her) telling her it’s not a bribe, 95% of the time she’ll give you her number if you ask her for it. The rest falls in place with time.

Has any of these methods worked for me? Your guess is as good as mine!



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