5 Types of Crowd you Will Find in Lagos


This sometimes hilarious and dramatic scenes that play out on the streets of Lagos can only be a surprise for first-time visitors to the city. A real or full blown spectacle will often have most people stop their cars a safe distance while others get close to has a firsthand encounter with what is happening. Welcome to Lagos, a city where you see different crowds assembling for multiple reasons. we  identifies five types of crowds you will see in Lagos.

The Wrestling Watchers

This is a sales strategy that many DVD vendors use to attract potential buyers. And of course, they know many people love wrestling. They magnanimously play a DVD of a wrestling match and before you know it, children, young men and adults gather enjoying the match. Don’t amazed, it is Lagos!

The onlookers

The onlookers are the ones that gather when an unfortunate event happen like an accident, collapse of a building or public fighting. This crowd simply wants to observe what is happening to the end and narrate the unfolding event to friends. The disadvantage of this is that emergency response teams will have a herculean task accessing the scene of the incident. In other cases, the onlookers just wait to observe the entertaining scene.

The waiting BRT queue

In the march towards its ambition to become a mega city, the Lagos Government introduced the BRT buses. The project has been very successful as you see different BRT buses ferrying passengers to different destinations in the city. But, the BRT buses are not enough. As a result, you see long queues of persons waiting for these Buses. And this wait can take hours. You dare not shunt the queue unless you want the tired and disconsolate individuals to lambast you. At least the BRT buses are better than the Molue.

The soccer spectators

These are passionate soccer fans who take advantage of watching soccer matches at restaurants, beer parlours and even viewing centres. They do not mind standing for a whole 90 minutes to watch their favourite premiership, Spanish, British or Italian teams.

The religious outreach crowd

The religious outreach crowd are the members of a church who move around neighbourhoods with their megaphone accompanied by loud drumming on a mission to preach the gospel.

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