5 Travel Tips For an NYSC Newbie


5 Travel Tips For an NYSC Newbie

5 Travel Tips For an NYSC Newbie

Travelling for an NYSC Corp Member can be very difficult especially if they have resided in Lagos all their lives. To help make your trip smooth, exciting and hitch-free, We rolls out 5 travel tips strictly for Corp Members venturing outside Lagos.

Don’t panic

It is normal for any newbie traveler to panic. But consider what will happen if while being scared, nervous or anxious you lose your valuables, including money. Even if you do not look forward to the over 8 hours journey, at least be organized with your luggage and keep it within sight. You can conquer your fear by travelling with friends or other persons you meet at the bus terminal.

Your cash should be on you always

Try as much as possible to keep any cash you have on you safe. And one of the best ways to do this is to carry it in your pocket everywhere you go. Don’t give it to a friend to temporarily hold for you. Losing money on a long distance trip is can be very destabilizing and you don’t want this to be your story.

Have a positive mindset

The thoughts that drive through some traveller’s mind on a long distance journey where they have to travel all night is unsavoury and negative. It pays to get rid of these negativities and be positive. It will go a long way and stop you from panicking.

Take a safe/organized not a cheap transport company

Unfortunately, there are many cheap transport companies at the different bus terminal at Yaba, Jibowu or Iddo. You have to be careful with your choice. Ensure that you take the professional and organized ones God Is Good, Cross Country, and Young Shall Grow. They charges may be on the high side but your safety is guaranteed.

Leave Early and prepare to pass the night on the road

Many well-coordinated transport companies leave for their destination as early as 6:am. If you arrive at the bus terminal between 7am or 8 am, you can as well forget about the trip because you will only be unpopular and little-known buses will be available. Try as much as possible to leave early and if you are posted to any Northern States like Kano, Kaduna, and Sokoto, be prepared to sleep on the road because due to the long journey.

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