5 Tools To Help you Build your Own Website

5 Tools To Help you Build your Own Website  

The era of relying heavily on website designers to design and build a website has significantly declined. This is partly due to the fact that there are several online tools that can now help you build a website with little cost. Hence, rather than being dependent on website programmers, you can save some cash by building a decent-looking web page with little or no knowledge and we shares 5 tools that can help you build a website.


WordPress is arguably the most popular website builder in the world. You can either use the free version or the paid one. Anyone you decide to use, there are many templates, themes, and plugins that can be downloaded for free or purchase at a premium one. WordPress is very easy to learn and you can design it yourself with the array of templates.


For those in the e-commerce industry that don’t want to spend money on a website, Shopify is the perfect tool to use. It can help build an online store with its handful of professional template designs which are either paid or free. Of course, the paid template will have a better effect and output so it is advisable to use the paid version which is inexpensive.


WordPress may be popular but Wix is another website builder that can compete favourably. Wix is used by over 70 million businesses and individuals in different parts of the globe. It also has thousands of site building tools you can select from and you can customize your URL by paying a little fee for it.


IM Creator

IM Creator is flexible and easy to navigate. You can create a blog or design a website spending very limited time. You can select from the number of themes depending on the subject you are blogging. These categories include lifestyle, sport, business, health, technology, food and drinks. You do not need any knowledge of website building to use this IM creator.

Blogspot by Google

After the WordPress, the list will not be complete without mentioning blog spot by Google. Blogspot is a free weblog publishing tool for sharing text, photos and videos. Users will have access to free templates, themes, gadgets, and widgets. You can use the free URL with the selected name with the blog spot or you customize it.


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