5 Things that may Happen to you if Phones do not exist


5 Things that may Happen to you if Phones do not exist

Like the saying goes ‘some people will never appreciate a thing until they lose it’. This is actually true. Many people do not treasure their sim cards until it’s time to take it out of an iPhone. Same goes with the arrival of phones in the world.

In Nigeria, nearly everyone now uses a phone that many of us disregard its value. Nevertheless, have you ever imagined how Nigerians survived in time past without the cellular? Certainly, many Nigerians will not want to go down that route. we will drive you there as we share 5 things you that may happen to you if phones does not exist. Perhaps, this will make you cherish that piece of technology in your hands!

Travel long distance to deliver a message

Before the coming of phones, there was nothing like breaking news in the family. When there were important messages for friends or family members, people had to travel to places where the person resided to deliver the message – God help you if he stays in Lagos while you reside in Kano. Interestingly, people looked forward to these trips in those days as the family knew they would return with ‘gifts’ from their places of travel. To the many in rural centers, going to Lagos was like visiting Nigeria’s small London!

‘On your own’ when stranded

Many move around carrying little or no cash because they can simply rush to an Automated Teller Machine to withdraw cash. In other circumstances, if you are stranded, you can call an uncle or a friend to send you money. But when you were stranded in time past, you simply had to pray to God to send a good Samaritan to help you. Perhaps, the good Samaritan came in the form of a phone to assist this generation!

Arrive at a meeting when it has already been canceled

Family meetings, Annual General Meetings or any other form of meetings called then was hinged on the availability of guests. They travel from wherever they are domiciled to attend the meeting. But if that meeting has been postponed or canceled, many people had no knowledge of this until they reached the destination. So, a round of applause to the individuals who introduced the idea of using phones for communication.

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Less accident on the road

Driving and using a phone at the same time is the trend now and many have lost their lives due to this foolhardy multitasking. It is dangerous to drive and use your phone simultaneously. When there was no phone, you had 100% concentration on the road. This culminated in the reduction of accidents. Not that there were no accidents but there were no reports that an accident happened due to driving and phoning. But today it is prevalent.

You may never see a lady you liked

After wooing a lady that threw you off your feet, you could not ask for her phone number in the past. Or will you? No. You ask for her address. If you truly like her, you will visit her home. If you have the effrontery to visit, you have to battle with her stern dad. You didn’t even need to think of how to notify her of your presence? You just had to wait and hope for something will bring her out of the house. This is probably a reason why parents handpicked wives for their children then. Today, you can just walk up to a woman, say a few lines and the next sentence uttered is ‘Can I have your number?’


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