5 Signs You are Tech Geek


5 Signs You are Tech Geek

5 Signs You are Tech Geek

There is nothing absolutely wrong with embracing technology but some people have taken it overboard and these individuals can only be described as technophiles. If you want to know whether you are a tech geek or a technophile,We share some signs to look out for.

Early adoption syndrome with devices

Every time a new device is launched, you are among the first persons who pre-ordered. You cannot even wait for the device to arrive in Nigeria. You have this insatiable and incurable early adoption of devices that you do not mind how much it cost. We declare you a tech geek or rather a technophile.

Multi-device champion

Aside from being an early adopter of new gadgets, you also move around with multiple devices from different phone makers. Each of these devices are very sophisticated and have their functions. If you don’t know, you are a tech geek.


Anxiety when you cannot find  your phone

You misplaced your phone just for a few minutes and you went hysterical. Meanwhile, the phone is right in front of you waiting to be picked. However, your attachment to your phone blinds you to its position. You search your whole home and still could not find it. But when you eventually do, you heave a long sigh of relief.

You are always online 

No matter the time someone sends you an instant message, you will always respond. Your friends and partner will be wondering if you sleep at all. You even dreamt of social media when you sleep, then you are a tech geek.

Multiple passwords

It is very risky to use a password to log in to all your devices. Since you own more than one gadget, the passwords must vary. Hence, your PC and phones must have different passwords which you must remember unless you will be locked out of your device. If this is the case, you should know that you a technophile.

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