5 romantic ways to present valentines roses


As Val’s day is just a few minutes away, millions around the world are getting ready to present roses, a charming stamp of affection and fondness to their lovers. Monsieur rose is very excited as it will find its way into different hands this month of love.

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It is one thing to buy a rose, it is another thing entirely to present the rose in a romantic and passionate way to your partner. If you have ordered this resplendent looking rose but you are in a dilemma on how to present it to your spouse, you do not need to worry anymore as we share five romantic ways to present a flower to your lover. It will definitely give him or her goosebumps.

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Don’t send the roses in a bouquet

The norm is to present roses as a bouquet on Valentine’s day. It is time to take a break from this trend. How do you do this? Buy five colourful boxes or any  number you can afford and send the flowers one stalk at a time to your partner over the course of valentine’s day. Also, ensure that you do not use the same dispatch person for delivery. Aside from the fact that you love him or her, it also adds fun to the rose presentation. Don’t forget to drop the reasons you love your partner in each of the boxes.

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Deliver the rose a day before Val

Your heart is pounding as you look forward to a quixotic outing with your partner as you cannot wait to tell him or her how much you love them. In other cases, you may not be jittery but you  are just an incurable romantic. To achieve this, send the roses before valentine’s day and ensure that the roses will be staring at their face when they arrive at their table. Although, you may miss the surprise reaction but you will not miss the kiss of gratitude and love.

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allow her best friend give her the rose on your behalf

You have been together for months now, then it is right to think you are familiar with her friends. If not all them but her best and close pals. Of course, friends are very influential when it comes to a lady agreeing to date a man. She must have probably put in a word for you.

So, do not hesitate to request her to help you deliver flowers to your woman. You can only imagine how they will gossip about you the whole day. You can knock your lover out with affection by picking her up for a Valentine’s day dinner. You can present another rose to her if you want.

Leave flowers at unexpected places

The little things that lovers do in a relationship are more significant. For example, helping your partner pick up his or her laundry, clearing the plates off the table after dinner and buying him or her chocolate. This goes a long way.

For Val’s day, you can buy a vase of roses and secretly place it at different spots where you don’t expect him or her to find them. It may be in her purse, car, bathtub, closet, refrigerator or anywhere you can think of.

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Present the flowers yourself

There is nothing like delivering roses you bought for him or her yourself. During break time, go to her table with the bouquet of flowers, and give it to her. Nobody will narrate how she felt when she received the flowers. You will have a firsthand experience of the blushes and excitement. Don’t forget to spice it up with a bit of romance.

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