5 Real Things That Happen to Shoppers At Yaba Market



5 Real Things That Happen to Shoppers At Yaba Market

Shopping in Lagos is an exciting time to experience the sights and sounds of the cosmopolitan city. i am not talking about visiting malls or chain stores but markets. There are so many markets in Lagos one of which is the popular Yaba market. Yaba market is located on the mainland and it is a market where you can purchase anything and everything. Interestingly, the market is always flooded with shoppers and there are some real things that happen to these shoppers that are worth mentioning. We share some of these things that happen.

You will be ambushed by sellers

Fine boy, you want shirt? I go give quality shirt! Baby…I get some correct women wear. I go give you correct price. He quipped!  You can’t escape this if you find yourself at Yaba market even if you are not a shopper. You will be ambushed and flanked by these very aggressive sellers who attempt to form familiarity! If you are not buying anything, simply keep a straight face and ignore them.

You can’t miss haggling

The knack for some sellers especially of Igbo extraction to give shocking prices on their wares make it compulsory for you to haggle. You must do this if you don’t want to buy your groceries that ridiculous cost. So, don’t hesitate to haggle!

The Bureau de Change in Senegal attire

In flowing Senegal robes, they approach you asking if you want to change naira to dollar and other hard currencies. This business is dominated by Hausas. They are a bit more civil than the sellers but they will always walk up to you to ask if you want dollars.


You have to deal with the crowd

Yaba market is a true reflection of the Lagos hustle. The market is always crowded that you need to be extremely patient to find your way. Importantly, you should be very conscious about your properties like your wallet and phone. If you are careless with them it will grow wings.

Buy cheap goods

Nigerians love cheap goods. And you can buy cheap and affordable products at Yaba market.  However, if you are not careful, you will be taking counterfeit products away from that market because there are lots of them at Yaba market.

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