5 Most Successful Ford Models Of All Time


Ford holds the honor of not only being one of the first ever automotive brands, but also topping the popularity and sales ranks around the world for the whole century. Ford cars are praised for being fast, efficient, practical, and visually stunning. Check out 5 best cars ever designed by Ford and shop for the widest range of Ford vehicles in Nigeria on Jiji (
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1. Ford Mustang

The Ford Mustang became such a popular car that it started its own segment of vehicles called pony cars. The Mustang debuted in 1964 and instantly became the best-seller thanks to its unique combination of great looks and a mind-blowing performance. For almost 50 years the Ford Mustang hasn’t lost even a tiny bit of its popularity and remains as glamorous and powerful as when it was first unveiled.


2. Ford Escort

During over 30 years of production, the Ford Escort repeatedly made various top 10 lists of best-selling vehicles in Europe, the USA, and around the world. Although it was available in a variety of body styles, including hatchback, station wagon, and a coupe, the most iconic Ford Escort ever produced is, of course, a sedan. The Escort was designed to be a compact city family car, but it also performed surprisingly well at the numerous car races.

3. Ford Model T

The Ford Model T may not be too familiar to automotive fans of the modern world, but it’s the one car that completely revolutionized the car market of the early 20th century. Before the Model T, cars were reserved only for the richest buyers, but this car was the first affordable vehicle ever released. Over 16 million vehicles were produced and sold in just 20 years, which is a respectable number even by today’s parameters.

4. Ford Explorer

The SUV market is famously competitive nowadays, but the Ford Explorer is widely believed to be the model that started the whole SUV craze of the early 1990s. The Explorer was one of the first SUVs that caught attention of the general public, and it didn’t let its momentum go wasted – the Ford Explorer is still produced today and praised for its comfort, affordability, versatility, and the undeniable Ford style.

5. Ford Focus

Back when the Ford Focus was first released, the compact car segment was dominated by Asian manufacturers. However, the Focus quickly became a top selling model of its class. The biggest advantages of the Ford Focus are eye-catching styling, distinctive drive, decent fuel economy, availability of multiple body styles, and exceptional handling.

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