5 Mistakes to Avoid When you are Naming an Application


Apparently, many businesses now own apps as they simplify the services organisations provide thus making it easier to navigate as well as give access more customers. Nevertheless, a mistake that some businesses who own application make is by giving their apps the wrong names.

To create buzz and make market entry, the name of each software application must be well-thought out. To set you on the right path,we rolls out 5 common mistakes to avoid when naming an app.


Copy apping

Copy apping means choosing a name that is almost similar with your app. The thinking behind copy apping is that the name will translate to sales traffic which is not always the case. Although this strategy may work for a while, it can backfire if your app may be considered a replica, fake and counterfeit. It is better to get creative and search for an exclusive name for your app.

Being forgettable  

There are millions of apps which are available for download on Google play store and other platforms. Therefore, there is a very high tendency for your app to be forgotten especially if the name doesn’t correspond with the functions the software is supposed to perform. Users may download it but they may simply forget about it as there are many other options. So, a name makes it easier to remember and use an app.


Not considering trademark

The name of your app may have been chosen by another organization, so it is important for you to do some research with organizations such as the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) which register brand names. This will prevent any legal action where a name has been adopted and trademarked by another company.

Not knowing your audience

Always think about your audience when naming an app. Define your market by answering this questions; who is the app meant for? Is it for the young ones or for the adults? What is the service you are offering? Once you have the right answers to these, then you can tailor your app’s name to capture the essence of the product’s brand.


Using all capital letters

Good apps developers minimize the number of capital letters they use when naming their applications.  Apps like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter are not completely written in capital letters. If you use all caps, users are likely going to ignore it.

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