5 interesting things about the Hausas of Northern Nigeria


5 Interesting things About the Hausas of Northern Nigeria

The Hausas are perhaps the most under-researched ethnic group in Nigeria. The situation is not aided by the war being waged by the militant group Boko haram which has led to the militarization of  states like Borno, Yobe and Adamawa. This has resulted in the negative perception about people from the region, especially by those that reside in the South. Nevertheless, there are some things that many people do not know about these tribe., Africa’s No 1 hotel booking portal rounds up some interesting facts about Hausas that will shine them in a new light.

They are not Boko Haram members

In a city like Lagos, many Hausas have been tagged Boko Haram even though they do not have any link with the militant organization which has been waging a guerilla war in the northeastern part of the country. Fortunately, the military is winning the war against the group. Even when they board buses, the look of suspicion is written all over the faces of the passengers. They are not Boko Haram.


When you see a Hausa man, he is always armed with his transistor radio. With this radio, he listens to British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) Hausa service and other programmes aired in Hausa. This helps him keep tabs on what is happening in Nigeria and other parts of the world. Hence, if you still think the Hausa man  in your neighbourhood is an information illiterate, you have to shelve that thought.


On the streets of Lagos, it is the Hausa man is willing to do ‘anything’ to survive as far as it is legal. They are the cobblers that mend your shoe, the small kiosk owners built to complement their jobs as the security guards and are ready to do menial jobs in a bid to keep body and soul going. In fact, they are the unofficial Bureau De Change of many Nigerians. In addition, they offer the best kilishi.

Willing to help/Trustworthy

Consider this scenario – if you are a first time visitor to Lagos, where the pursuit of money is faster than lightening and you approach a Hausa bike man for a drop-off but the cost is N500 and you have N450 with you, he will most likely take you to your destination. In total contrast, if  you meet a person from other ethnic groups, they are sure to double the price and instead of taking the normal route, he will take the longer route just to justify the amount he charged.

Beautiful women

If you have been searching for a beautiful woman, you can go the Hausa way. The catch is you just need to speak a bit of the local dialect. And since some of them are religious, they will probably prefer a man with strong beliefs. But this not stopping you from attempting, though.

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