5 Exciting ways self-driving cars will change your life


Driverless cars are here. You just only need to check out the online buzz that these ingenious cars are making. They have been tried and certified fuel-efficient and relatively safe and these cars alongside shale oil and the economic downturn have contributed to the decline in oil prices.

Many in different parts of the world are waiting with bated breath when these cars will be rolled-out in their numbers as they can be life-changing. But in what ways? we shares some of them.


Your driverless car will run errands

Since your car drives itself, you do not need to be in the car to run your errands. Your car will do that in your absence. You simply put a call through to the grocery store and tell the attendant that your car is coming to pick up your groceries. They will marvel at your sophistication!


No more parking problems

Finding where to park is a worry for many car owners. Oftentimes, it is either the park filled out or you have to pay. Some people prefer to pay. With the sensors of your anonymous cars, It will communicate with other anonymous cars to park itself. Driverless car parks will be established. The world of automobiles is really changing.



No need attend driving school, apply for driver’s license

Very soon driving school will evaporate while the crowd at the Federal Road Safety Commission (FRSC) registering for driver’s license will nosedive. The issuance of driver’s license has become a scam. So, there is no need to learn how to drive, just hop into your anonymous car and off you go!



You will work more

Since you are off the steering, you will do more office work. Normally, you should be relaxing while your car drives you. But as a chronic workaholic, you cannot. You have so many tasks to accomplish. You will eventually find out that you are working harder while having too little rest.


Anonymous cars mechanics

Yes! It will also create jobs. There will now be what is called driverless mechanics. They will not be like the roadside mechanics. Their workshop will be sophisticated, suave and trendy as your car problems will be diagnosed with a computer. Like the Boy Scouts motto – Be prepared.


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