5 Bad Habits That Can Ruin Your Relationship



There are a few habits that we sub-consciously indulge in that could badly harm our relationships. Here’s a rundown…

Nagging: Nobody likes a nagger. In fact it could potentially be toxic for a lot of your relationships. It’s important to let your partner be and not interfere as much. There’s a thin line between being cute and being annoying, know when to draw that line or it can be destructive for your relationship.

Comparing: Learn to appreciate your partner and love him or her for what they are instead of constantly comparing them to every Tom, Dick and Harry. Even if you’re doing it subconsciously in your head- stop. And mentioning it to them is an absolute no-no. Your partner deserves better than that.

Talking about your ex: Nobody would like to feel like they’re constantly being held up for comparison with your previous lovers. A sure way of ruining your own relationship is by continually bringing up your past liaisons. Till your both reach a stage of security, steer clear of this topic.

Bad communication: Only half-listening to your partner and nodding your head for everything without really paying much attention can be detrimental for your relationship in the long run. Work on your communication and try to really listen and grasp what your partner is talking about to you.

Bringing up the past: Avoid discussing the past. Its important to realize that no matter how much you discuss it or bring it up, it cannot be erased. If you truly want to be with your partner, then make a concerted effort to forget his/her past and move on to newer beginnings. Remember that you are his/her present.

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