5 Awe-inspiring Waterfalls to Visit in Nigeria



Magical, splendid and awe-inspiring are the sight of waterfalls in Nigeria. As water cascade from the rocks from calculated  a height, the whole being of visitors is often arrested as the eyes shimmers with so much joy in appreciation of this incredible gift of nature. Most people never want to leave as they set up camp to have a lifetime interaction with nature. It’s an experience that every Nigerian must have. These waterfalls cut across the country.

Checking out these waterfalls important now more than ever as the government encourages Nigerians to buy and patronize homemade services. It begs the question why some Nigerians prefer to go on vacation abroad rather than visiting the tourist attractions here where you are offered  all round hospitality from accommodation to food and relaxation. In line with this, We rolls out five awe-inspiring waterfalls in Nigeria where you do not need to spend millions to visit!

Agbokim water fall tourist attraction in Cross River state

The Agbokim Waterfall

Are you a Nigerian and you have journeyed round the world and never visited Calabar? You should pack your bags now, book the next flight and leave for Calabar. Why? Calabar is Nigeria’s Disney. In fact, when it comes to tourism and hospitality, Calabar possesses everything you want.

The Calabar carnival, Obudu Cattle Ranch and the amazing, amazing Agbokim Waterfalls are among the most priced possessions of the state! Agbokim Waterfall is regarded as the seven-wonders of nature because of the seven streams from which water flows. It sits comfortably in Etung local government and it is also in proximity with the Nigeria-Cameroon border.


The Gurara Waterfall

This pictures of Gurara waterfall on the internet are enough to convince you to visit this waterfall- “The waterfall is about one hour from Minna, Niger State. The sound is almost deafening with the water hurriedly splashing on the rocks below. The climb towards the fall is exciting. Navigating closer to the fall is adventurous but you to have good grip shoes because the rocks are wet and slippery. Do not go alone, come with your snacks and food to enjoy nature.” Gurara waterfall is located in Niger and it is an hour drive from Abuja. The Waterfall covers a length of 200 meters with a drop of 30 meters.


The Olumirin Waterfall

Osun State is a cultural hub in Nigeria. The Olumirin waterfall is an enhanced motivation to visit the state. It is located in Erin Ijesha in Oriade, local government area. You will be enchanted by the seven steps of rock and the seven waterfalls as it flows unhindered and majestically among the rocks and splashes downwards with massive force. It is a fascinating and picturesque scenery.

Assop waterfalls

The Assop Waterfall

The Assop waterfall is located in Jos. It is a reliable place to have fun. You will not be disappointed as there is so much to do. Shrills of excitement will travel through your spine by the sheer sight of the waterfall.


Awhum Waterfall

The Coal City state, Enugu is where Awhum waterfall is tucked away. Specifically, it is located at Amaugwe village of Awhum town in Udi local government area. It cascades 30 meters downwards. It is an inviting and idyllic sight that beckons on everyone to visit. It is close to the Awhum monastery. In addition, the water is said to have some spiritual powers. Do not hesitate to have a peek at the Awhum waterfall when you are in Enugu state!

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