5 Amazing Tech Gadgets to Spice Up Your Office

Having a conducive work and office environment is essential in getting employees to deliver results while on the job and spicing up your office with amazing tech gadgets can get them produce results faster and better on a day-to-day basis. This will make your office not only comfortable and attractive, it also send a clear message to your clients your business is techie one! we shares five amazing tech gadgets for your office.


Laser projection keyboard

The laser projection keyboard is an input device that allows the image of a virtual keyboard to be projected onto a surface for use. This means that instead of typing with a physical keyboard, all keystrokes will be made via the virtual keyboard onto the computer screen. This device also has the unique benefit of being flexible as it connects directly with Bluetooth devices.


Kikkerland USB Battleship

The Kikkerland USB Battleship is perfect for offices where flash drives or external hard disks are regularly used. You can insert as many as five USB ports at the same time. This will prevent cases where you need to replace one flash drive with another. Today’s PC comes with 3 USB ports which probably is not enough.


USB air purifier and fan

You can now cool off while in the office with the Satechi USB air purifier and fan. The  fact it is powered by USB makes it attractive to users as the device gets rid of odours, and smells from your workspace.

Kanex-Multi-Sync-Keyboard-1 (1).jpg

Multi-sync Keyboard

Ever imagine using a single keyboard for different devices? Well, technology has gotten to that level where you can do this. You can use this multi-sync keyboard to type at different times on various Apple devices.


USB Desktop Aquarium

This USB desktop aquarium simply beautifies your office and when connected to the USB port of your PC. It displays the time/date, week/temperature, and countdown timer.


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