5 Affordable Tech Tools for Managing a Startup


5 Affordable Tech Tools for Managing a Startup

5 Affordable Tech Tools for Managing a Startup

Startups are springing up as youths are taking the initiative to establish themselves as a result of the alarming unemployment situation in the country. And with the support of startup incubators and seed investors, these startups are thriving. This said, there are tech tools that can change the way you run your business. They are not only effective but also affordable.we rolls out some of them.

Freshbooks for accounting

If you want to ease the way you prepare your profit and loss account, consider  using Freshbooks. This tool helps you send your invoices via mail, run reports and monitor your expenses. It is easy to use and also saves time.

Organise tasks with Smartsheet

There is no doubt that you are very busy that you can forget a very important appointment. This will no longer be the case if you use smartsheet. It works like excel but has essential functions like searching, sorting as well as organizing your tasks and upcoming projects.

Manage your social media accounts

Businesses now have social media accounts. They employ people to handle these accounts. These accounts can easily be managed on one platform using HootSuite or SproutSocial. You can schedule posts and observe all your social media activities.


Save data to Google Drive

Google drive is the perfect cloud storage tool any business can use. You can save all your data on it and you can access it any day, anywhere and anytime.

Take notes with Evernote

Taking notes doesn’t require pen and paper anymore. You can easily write or take notes with Evernote. It saves time and is also readily available whenever you want to recall something.


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