4 Things That Would Happen if Mark Zuckerberg was a Nigerian



Ever wondered how life would be assuming the facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg was a Nigerian? Well here are 4 things that he might have done or been doing.


For a self-made Nigerian Boy with that amount of money at his disposal, he would be at Clubs and Raves, he will pop Rosé today, Ace tomorrow and so on. His instagram pages will be full of goodies with captions ranging from “Play Toys (showcasing his luxurious garage)” to “Bed Frame (using money stacks as bed frame)“. A new babe every other day and he will definitely be friends with all A-List Celebrities (Probably the other way around as we all like famzing)


He definitely will have a village of extended Family members to take care of. His cousin, first cousin, second cousin, down to his 4th Cousin’s 1st Girlfriend will be under his care and expenses. He will be the Chairman of the Occasion at his village’s Occasion, and he will be a Deacon in his Church and not forgetting Silverbird Man of The Year


Like every other rich Nigerian, he would consider going into politics and either sets out as a Godfather or as a Presidential Aspirant (Uncle Pendulum), definitely sort to have an Edifice named after him; street, estate, stadium, University, library, and probably a Local Government Area. Another sure thing is he will have traditional titles from his Father’s Village, Mother’s Village, Wife’s Village, and not forgetting his Ex-Girlfriend’s village as well.


His Toys will surely be in series; Range Sport (Mark 1), Ferrari (Mark 7), Range Vogue (Mark 12). etc. He will definitely have a convoy (trust us Nigerians); from office to his kid’s school (about 1Km), 13 cars and 4 power bikes will surely be on the road to pick his kid. He also will Father many children (Abraham) from several single mothers (Solomon, is that you?).

Shed light on what I might have missed and add yours in the comments.

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