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4 Signs Your Wife Is Sleeping With Other Men


When a person gets married, some may think a sure way to have a partner for live but these days, your spouse’s eyes can wander. Once eyes wander, body parts may follow.

Society has taught us to expect men to cheat but what about when the woman is the one cheating? It usually takes a lot for a woman to cheat outside her marriage but it is a possibility.

Women will be able to hide it very well but everything has tell-signs that will make the man catch unto her cheating.

Here are four signs she is enjoying another man:

1. She no longer wants to have s ex with you
If she used to be a she machine but these days she doesn’t send, it could be that she is getting her satisfaction elsewhere.

It could also be that she is not in the mood but if you can’t remember the last time you had ex with her, it might be time to get a clue.

2. She doesn’t mind your annoying habits so much
When women have s ex people, they feel connected to the person completely. This is why tiny annoying things you do will upset her and she will voice it out.

If she suddenly doesn’t give a crap about all the things she used to hate before, you may think this is good but think again. It may be because she is already s exually connected with another person and doesn’t care about what you do anymore.

3. She’s going out of the house more often and you don’t know why.
It’s not cool being the overbearing hub and so you will allow your wife have a life too. However, if you find her suddenly going out more and coming back later or coming back happier than she left, you should be concerned.

She is clearly having fun elsewhere and if she refuses to have s ex on top of that, it may be because she has already been fulfilled and doesn’t need you for s exual pleasure.

4. You’ve seen evidence of her cheating
When a spouse cheats, they have a tendency of being sloppy. She may have kept a gift he gave her or you saw a text or you heard a phone conversation that alerted you to it. Don’t take it lightly.

Women are emotional creatures and once they care for someone and then start having sex with them, that bond will be very difficult to break.

If you want your wife back, sit and talk with her about how you guys can mend your marriage


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