37 Things Every Woman Needs To Know Before Having A Baby

37 Things Every Woman Needs To Know Before Having A Baby

The desire to have a child is sometimes so strong that we set aside the fact that the life we currently ​​lead will change dramatically the moment we pass through the door of motherhood and hold our sweet baby for the first time. Having personally stepped through this door in the last year, I have found there are certain things every new or expecting mother should know.

What you should expect

1. Friends without children will become a little distant for a while.

2. Your subject of conversation during pregnancy is pregnancy.

3. Your subject of conversation after birth will be your new baby.

4. You will be afraid that you will not like your baby.

5. Pregnancy clothes are expensive. Get ready.

6. You will discover that your old clothes are not suitable for breastfeeding.

7. Your baby will grow out of clothes quickly.

8. You will better understand your mother.

9. The first night at home after birth is the scariest.

10. Your sleep will become light as a feather.

11. Sometimes you will miss the freedom you had before motherhood.

12. You will receive lots of advice. Listen patiently. Do what you think best.

13. Your name will change to “Mommy” overnight.

14. You will make friends because of your child.

15. You will be amazed at the energy your baby has, even after a sleepless night.

16. Breastfeeding should not hurt. This only happens if the baby is positioned on the chest the wrong way.

17. You will do things your mother did.

18. You will become a “professional photographer.”

19. Having a baby changes your body. There is no way around it.

20. s*x with your husband will be different. However, things will become normal again over time.

21. Most of your purchases will be for your child.

22. You will begin to wonder how you ever lived without your precious baby.

Tips and advice

23. Lemon juice helps morning sickness and everything that comes along with it in the first months of pregnancy.

24. Go out to the movies, theater and concerts. Time will soon be scarce.

25. Get lots of sleep. When the baby is born, you will understand the importance of this advice.

26. Keep up your exercise routine.

27. Take pictures during pregnancy.

28. Buy only what is necessary. Extra things become useless quickly.

29. Chamomile tea eases discomfort in the chest.

30. If you do not love your doctor, find a new one.

31. Take your husband to ultrasound examinations or monthly medical visits. It is nice to have someone there to share the happiness with, and you will find that it will make you more united.

32. Don’t panic every time your baby cries. It is highly unlikely they are dying. Crying is just their only way to communicate.

33. Do not buy clothes hoping to lose weight.

34. It is easiest to lose weight in the first year after having the baby.

35. Do not be ashamed to ask a visitor to wash their hands before holding your newborn.

36. Give all of your attention to your baby for the first few months.

37. Take time to enjoy the little moments. It is beautiful to see your little one discover this new life and world around him.

Cherish every minute of your pregnancy, preparation and newborn miracle in your arms. Being a mother is one of the greatest joys in life.


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