5 Surprising Facts you did not Know About Facebook


Facebook is the biggest social media network in the world. With over a billion followers, many people can barely survive a day without visiting the platform. It is now an important component in our lives. It has bridged the communication gap and provide real-time news unlike the past when traditional media was hugely relied upon for information dissemination.

Today, both Facebook (social media) and traditional media go pari-passu. Although Facebook has become a key feature in our lives, there is so much to know about the platform. we shares 5 proven facts you did not know about Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook.

350 million photos are uploaded daily

According to a research carried out by Nokia, over 350 million photos are posted on Facebook daily. In addition, as at last year December, more than 250 billion images have been uploaded also. In other words, 4,000 pictures are posted every second. An incredible feat for a company barely five years old.

Why is Facebook’s logo blue?

This is because Mark Zuckerberg is red and green colour blind. So, the brightest colour he can see is blue.

Facebook offers a reward for anyone able to point out a flaw

Recently, a 10-year-old boy was paid $10,000 for pointing out a security flaw on Instagram. Like many giant tech companies, Facebook also offers a cash reward to tech geeks who can identify any flaws on the site. The largest payout so far has been $33,500. This amount was paid to Brazilian computer engineer Reginaldo Silva who got $33,500 for reporting a major bug to Facebook.

Divorced? Blame Facebook

The rise in the rate of divorce can be laid at the footstep of Facebook according to a survey by  Divorce Online. Statistics from the UK-based legal firm showed that more than one-third of divorce filings in 2011 referenced the social networking site as a trigger for marital conflict. This may due to the fact Facebook makes it easy to connect with your past.

The owner of Facebook barely uses Twitter

Twitter is Facebook’s competitor. This may not be surprising. Mark Zuckerberg-@finkd with 413k followers has only tweeted 19 times. His last tweet was in 2012.

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