Tips On How Best A Single Lady Should Socialize In Her 30s


The social life style of ladies in thier 20s should be quite different from ladies in thier 30s, when a lady in her 30s socialize like she is in her 20s, most people would likely perceive a negative perspective on such a lady and she will eventually attract the wrong people to herself. Ladies in her 20s are predominantly carefree, they are attracted and moved by materialism, love to explore excessively, the drive to catch fun is very high that’s why you find them mostly in places like late night clubs, parties, being with numerous companies and associates.

Now does it means that ladies in their 30s should be left out of socializing ? The answer is simple as “No”, here are six ways a single lady in her 30s should socialize without attracting the wrong people and perception of her personality…..

1. Always conceal the search for your life partner: Ladies, don’t make it resounding or too obvious that you are single and searching, this is the point where most matured ladies get it all wrong. When you make it too obvious that you are in search of a spouse or life partner, it sends immediately sends the wrong signal to that potential spouse, it will at the long run make him feel as though he is doing you a big favor by dating or marrying you. Reduce to the max every form of desperation and insecurity, instead employ tactically the good old prank ladies in their 20s uses to keep men abate “The hard to get game”.

2. Embrace and Get devoted to a Belief:  Africans most especially Nigerians are a sucker for religion and spiritualism, you can easily pierce through a harden criminals heart if you appeal to his own religion or belief. For the Christians become a devoted church worker with some swag and class, not the “Mgbeke or SU” ones looking so unkempt and without a drive and passion for life and the same goes to other religions and believes.

3. Attending Occasions and Events: Attend more of classy weddings and business meetings “Alone”, majority of the potential spouse you get at 30s are mostly gentlemen and most times shy, so give them all the opportunity to come approach you. Reduce all that girls large round table sittings when you attend events and occasions, give a smooth avenue to reach you. Note not all men are that confident to fish you out of sitting of group of friends.

4. Reduce Luxuries :  Avoid looking too expensive when going to work, event or occasions, just dress responsibly, cute and smart. Cut down all forms of flamboyance and looking too flashy, one of the ladies I respect most when it comes to this aspect is Nollywood Rita Dominic, though she might be rich but she doesn’t look too expensive, she just look smart and beautiful all the time. Ladies make yourself approachable and not looking like a demigoddess.

5. Embrace the “one man MOPOL” Phrase: Reduce and avoid too much companies , most especially guys, avoid the “friend zoned guys” those guys that loves hanging around ladies that they are not dating or having a relationship with, don’t allow them deny you of a potential suitor. These guys will clinch to you to the extent that people would start thinking if something is going on between you both, not knowing that he just using you as a showoff to his ladies.

6.  Take a chill pill: And last be very humble, polite but not stupid, if you have to talk, talk in a polite manner, avoid loose and derogatory words in the public. Get a natural shock absorber, so example when someone accidentally steps on you, don’t allow all hell loose, just accept the sorry or the least you could say is ” please be more careful next time” and not “are you blind….. ?

Do all this and you will get suitors all attracted to you, but the problem would be how to identify the right suitor, in my next post I will analyze and break down how to identify a potential marriage suitor. So watch out guys

Thanks for reading with Love from HerexG.

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