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Someone should kindly tell our naija musicians to stop certain acts of theirs. These acts render we nigerians as gullible while they smile to the bank. Below are 3 Naija musicians and what they need to stop doing.

1. Davido

The song that sold this guy to the world was “dami duro” in which he bragged about how rich his father his. Few months to the release of the hit song, he had a single on air called “Back When” that had him talking about what life was like when he was broke and how all the girls looked down on him cos he had no car. Well, one can easily believe that his first single transformed him into a rich boy due to the booming music business in Nigeria. What I find baffling is how his second single, “dami duro”, had him calling himself omo baba olowo(son of a rich man) when the previous single, “back when”, had him talking about how broke he use to be. Was he trying to tell us that his rich father was stingy to him or was he just trying to act like most naija musicians who love to sing about their poor background e.g timaya?

Being the son of a rich father in Nigeria, especially one who is buddies with Africa’s richest man Aliko Dangote, you are bound to have access to mansions, fleet of cars, flights abroad and good food. But davido came into the music scene making us believe he was a regular street boy who had nothing when he released his first single “back when”. Lyrics below:

Back when I was broke yo Nobody wanted to jonze yo All the girls they tell me no-no Because I no get e motor And dey used to hate me

Let’s analyse his lyrics line for line.

back when I was broke yo

Was he ever broke? Dude was born in america and into a very rich home. Such homes make sure they have a huge sum of money stashed in a bank account in the name of their kids. That’s even asides the regular pocket money they give to their babies, which aren’t really pocket money cos they are often larger than the pay of a comfortable salary earner.

nobody wanted to jonze yo

The wrong usage of the street slang “jonze in his sentence is a clear sign that he’s not from the street like poor kids. Jonze, means failed, disappointed, ruined e.g “dis guy don jonze”, “you go just jonze” etc. I guess he was trying to say that back when he was broke, no one wanted to roll with him.

all the girls they tell me no-no

Sorry to say this, but which naija babe will say no to a young boy who’s father is a captain of industries? Abi no be naija girls again? Maybe he didn’t know how to toast girls then…lol.

because I no get e motor

“All the girls they tell me no-no, because I no get e motor”…mtchew! I can’t count the amount of girls I had when I was an undergraduate with no car, yet davido wants us to believe that girls turned down the OBO because he had no car. It’s either he was too young to drive one of the cars in his father’s fleet or he simply didn’t know how to toast, hence the rejection.

and they use to hate me

Who spends time hating a rich kid? Only his fellow rich kid cos poor kids prefer to tag along just to escape poverty through such a kid. Maybe he was trying to tell us that the witches and wizard in the ajegunle face-me-i-face-you house he lived in hated him.

I believe davido used the poor boy tactics to sell himself to Nigerians and I think he’s back with thesame tactics in his new single “fans mi” which features american rapper meek mill. Below is an excerpt from the lyrics of the song.

I remember when them girls no dey come around I remember when I had no money in my bank account I remember when the street no dey show me love

I’ll like davido to sing a song about how he use to drink garri for breakfast, go to bed on an empty stomach and still wake up to say hi to his rich father.

2. Olamide

This guy wants us to believe he’s the baddest guy ever liveth by calling himself badoo. Has he earned it? You hardly hear him spit a rap verse without him talking about how he runs the streets. He even titled one of his albums street OT. I think if he’s not cut to size, he’s going to start claiming to be the god of the street or the devil that all bad guys look up to for dastardly inspirations.


Taking a look at olamide when he first surfaced, one would see a boy fresh out of some struggles of life. He didn’t look any inch ajebota as he looked skinny. I pretty much respect the fact that he hustled his way out of poverty and became a millionaire, but for him to start dishing out what I call lies is what am not pleased with. You can’t just wake up one morning and call yourself badoo when you have no history of violence or crime. Is he a member of a campus secret cult? No, cos being the baddest guy ever liveth that he claims to be, he won’t be afraid to fly his colours. Look at the american rapper the GAME, he flies his colour red which represents Bloods and talks about it in his music in a proudly annoying way. Same thing with Snoop dogg who flies the colour blue representing crips.

In the past, when an american rapper constantly talked about the streets in his music, he’s certainly talking about how he use to sell hard drugs. These days, ajebotas to the core also like to front as if they do such too. Someone should help me ask olamide if he has ever sold dope in the streets he’s always shouting about. I doubt he’s ever sold igbo(weed) before talkless of cocaine. Maybe the street he’s talking about involves tarred roads, street lights, danfo buses and LASTMA, nothing more.

This guy has no police record of violence cos I don’t think he’s ever been arrested or locked up before. He has never carried a gun before nor shot anyone, so I wonder why he thinks he deserves to be called the baddest guy ever liveth. Maybe the name sounded so cool or he just wanted to be like 2pac and notorious BIG who have notorious names asides the known ones. He doesn’t know that biggie sold drugs and got shot likewise tupac who was shot several times before the one that killed him.

I think olamide should move away from the badoo tag and start telling us how he is the devil himself.

3. Don jazzy

I am one of those that thought this man is actually a don. You remember his swag of not saying a word when interviewed but whispering nothing into d’banj’s ear and the latter speaking to the interviewer as if that’s what don jazzy would’ve said…the walking stick and the barritone voice? We were all fooled, such that a friend of mine said don jazzy is a don in the mould of Pablo Escobar, El chapo and rolls like The Godfather in mario puzo’s film.

All of that cleared off my eyes when don jazzy couldn’t hold his Mo’hits record label together cos the artiste were becoming heavy weights like him. That’s even a small issue compared to his recent behaviour especially on social media. He goes about posting ridiculous pictures of himself…like when he created a photoshop picture of himself with female make-up. A real don won’t be on instagram not to of getting excited about a verification. If social media existed in the time of Escobar, do you think he would have time for such talkless of ridiculing himself when there’s important biz to attend to?

The don jazzy that use to appear in music videos sitted on a royal chair with 2 girls beside him is now seen jumping about and wanting to be seen in every scene of every music video. Look at the way he was jumping like a kid in korede bello’s “godwin” song, psquare’s “collabo” and nyanya’s “gift” amongst many, unlike how he appeared in Mo’hits’ “pere”. He hardly goes with his walking stick sef. Abi hand don dey pain am?

I’ll advice him to go back to the way he use to bobo us or simply remove the don from his name if he knows he wants to get down and party.


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