10 Ways Some Nigerian Ladies React When You Deny Them Sex

10 Ways Some Nigerian Ladies React When You Deny Them Sex

In recent time, rants and blame have always been put on guys for forcing ladies into intimacy. If you think that only guys act weird when denied them entrance to promising land, then your cluelessness can be likened to that of a man who ruled the nation for nearly 6 years and threw the nation into a state of calamity

Note: No matter how we try to embellish pre-marital sex, it will never change fact that it’s actually bad, so all ye pastors, don’t castigate me cos this is not to encourage pre-marital sex
Now lemme keep the ball rolling
1. She tags you an Impotent

If you think only guys want to know the intimacy capacity of the opposite sex or want have sex for fun, then you must seriously be sleeping on a moving okada. Some ladies hope to get laid once they visit you. But failing to do the needful on their visit to your abode will make them label you impotent, and make your assumed impotence the thrush of discussion among their friends. It is thus started, do you know Lalasticlala/Kingtom/Wristbangle is sheer impotent? Imagine he couldn’t even lay a finger on me despite how hot and sexy I was. and the hours spent in his God forbidden room.

2. She starts acting weird the next day

Someone you barely had misunderstanding with suddenly started nagging for no reason, isn’t that funny? Her action after the next day can be likened to how Ayo Fayose was discouraging people from voting Buhari cheesy

3. She might call the relationship a Quit

I’m a living witness to this and heaven can bear me witness. A lady has once dumped my ass just because I failed to take advantage of her intimate feeling. Her supposed love for me headed on diminishing returns and within the tinkle of an eye, that was the end of it. I would have broken my celibacy, if I had taken advantage of her wanton ;P

4. She Waits for a Pay Back

Revenge, they say, is sweeter when served hot. Believe me, she is definitely going to wait for the day she will pay you back in her own coins. When you so much desire it and your pestle has made a tent in your short, she mercilessly will leave you starved of forbiden fruit while dying to have it.

5. She Cheats on you

They will be like ‘when my bae can’t use his instrument to deal with me or can’t make out with or give me that feeling whenever I come visting, I will need to get assistant/supporting bae(s) to service me whenever I get into the mood’. This is how some of them are likely to cheat on their boyfriends when they were denied it

6. She Flirts

They will start flirting with other guys just to make you feel she is giving them a chance since you are not doing your responsibilities (not all of them though)

7. She tells her friends that you are not fun to be with(or Romantic)

Heaven can bear me witness that I had this experience during my ND programme. It reminds me of a junior college who happened to be very close to me and I used to crash in her villa when her room mate was not around. (Not an intimate friendship though). There was a day I and her room mate were cracking jokes when she said something that gave me the shock of my life. She said and I quote “I can bet a million that even if my friend goes unclad, you would still do nothing. At that instance, it was as if the ground should swallow me up

8. She Stops Visiting

When you fail do your presupposed responsibility with them upon visiting, they give various excuses and then stop visiting. This is not a sort of exaggeration. They also do that and tag you immature

9. She indirectly Mocks you with her status updates

You see updates like ‘it’s good to be with that person that will make you feel like a woman

10. Feel free to add yours

Conclusively, they will definitely storm on this thread and start forming. No one will ever claim ever doing such. Make una just dey look

I drop my pen at this point

Thanks for reading

Have fun


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