10 things almost EVERY man has done with his penis… UNBELIEVABLE!!!

10 things almost EVERY man has done with his penis… UNBELIEVABLE!!!
10 things almost EVERY man has done with his penis… UNBELIEVABLE!!!

Do you know how much men love their penises?

Well, if you are not a man, then you may not actually know much love men have for their pleasure tools and how much they love to play with them.

To a man, the penis is an emblem of manhood, his pleasure grove, and his unique selling point – the things that sets him apart.

In fact, the average man will not exchange his penis for anything in the world.

Well, here are 10 things almost every man has tried at least once:

  1. Tuck it behind our legs to form a vagina. Yes, we do this and this turns us into

  2. women until we release the penis again.

  3. Try to make it dangle without using the hands. A man can move his penis by mental command only, especially when the penis is erect.

  4. Push it back into the foreskin. Sometimes we like to make the penis disappear into its skin, like a snail going into its shell. Only a flaccid penis can do this.

  5. Flick it when it is erect. This is painful, but we still do it for the fun of it. An erect penis will spring forward and bounce back if flicked.

  6. Peep into itheehehehe. Some of us look into the tip, prying with one finger to expose the red flesh inside.

  7. Bend it left or right and up or down when it is flaccid or semi-erect. This may happen during shower moments or masturbation sessions.

  8. Stretch it just to see how extended can be. Some do it until it hurts.

  9. Try to insert it into things. A number of us men have at least once tried to fit the penis into other things other than the vagina. Culprits include paper towel rolls, bottles, etc.

  10. Measure it. This one is done by almost all men. Some people use fingers, pens, rulers, tapes and the likes just to get an idea of the length.

Certainly, the ladies did not know half of these things – after all they have no penises.

Guys, do you do any other thing with your penis?



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