10 Signs That Shows Your Girlfriend Won’t Marry You

1. She demands excessively and never spend her money on you: [/b]so many girls are guilty of this. She will do everything to milk you dry and never deem it fit to buy even singlet for you.if you complain she’ll say she don’t have money. Bro if your Babe get this trait, move!!!

2. She never talk to you about marriage or children: If your girlfriend never for once raise an issue about how she’ll raise your kids or talk anything about wanting be your wife then she don’t have future plans for you. Bro start looking for an alternative.

3. You’ve already introduced her to your family and you are yet to meet any of her siblings: if you have introduced her to your parents and sibling and she didn’t bother to let you even speak to her siblings on phone or meet them then she’s not thinking about marrying you. She’s just using you till she gets who she wants.

4. She won’t call you: I dated a girl back then that forbids calling me or else she needs something or will need something soon from me. That’s when she’ll try to act friendly and caring. She won’t call on a normal day and if I asked why she didn’t call she’ll say she didn’t have credit. That’s another way of saying I should send her card.

5. She’s fond of saying “your wife go suffer” : Guys take note. If your girlfriend is fond of saying this then she’s not thinking of being your wife. You are just together for the main time.

6. She don’t apologise when she’s wrong:if your girlfriend feels too proud to apologise after a misunderstanding even when it’s glaring that she’s wrong. She’s always feeling like “shebi if you go I have other guys toasting me on bbm and are even better than you”. She doesn’t love you and won’t marry you

7. She’s not proud of you: if she don’t tell her friends about you when they’re having their discussions then she ain’t feeling you. Even when you ge her a present she’ll rather ask you the price and when her friends ask her about it she’ll rather tell them the price she bought it than telling them you bought it for… bro you’re not getting married

8. She’s not appreciative: if your girlfriend doesn’t appreciate what you are doing for her or she’s fond of saying “what are you doing for me?” bro she’s not ready to marry you. Start looking for an alternative now.

9. She’s not humble: if she thinks/act like she’s doing you a favour by dating you then she won’t marry you bro.

Go and look for you size….lol

10. Last but not the least. If she’s pregnant for you but can’t keep it for no reason:she’ll tell you she’s not ready or come up with excuses not that you are not capable but she just want to get rid of it Kuz she didn’t love you enough nor planning to marry you.

If your BOO possesses 50% of this then you have entered one chance siiiiince. Don’t say you’re not warned


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